ThomSander – Free Html5 Template

ThomSander Html5 Theme

  • Author : Templatesmonster
  • Layout : Html5 and Css3
  • Categories : Photography, Portfolio
  • Colors : black white
  • Pages : All in One Page
  • Rating : 4 star
  • Compatible Browsers : Microsoft Edge, IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

43 thoughts on “ThomSander – Free Html5 Template”

  1. How do I remove the loader.gif?

    I do not want to show the loading everytime I load the page, very frustrating. Thank you.

  2. Hello!
    Can I use it as my website for a small company if I change all the text and all the pictures with my ownes?

    1. To add menu items, make sure you add a new in order… so, if you add another menu button make sure you add the page in order.

  3. Hi Friends! i discover that this template is not loading completely on some server. i finish changing text, pages, and colors in the localhost, it worked perfectly but after uploading to the go-daddy Linux server online, it couldn’t load beyond the loader.gif .

  4. Hello, please help ASAP
    Need to know how to edit the contact form so messages come to my inbox.

    p.s, great template by the way!! 🙂

  5. this is really cool !!
    I want to use this one but how can I use to the other language?
    I can write except for the menu when I changed the language.
    How can I change menu too???
    plz help me ….X(

  6. Hello great squad, I find no way to change the images of light box I add photos to the folder but can not find the path in the code to change the unseen.
    Thank You

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