10 Infographics for Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design, a technique which allows designers to build flexible webpage styles which modify depending on screen-size of the website visitor, allows us to optimize user experiences for the increasingly variable ways people are accessing the Web. If you would like to find out a little about this new website design technique, or if you need some basic educational sources to provide to your clients, check out these responsive website design infographics.

1. Responsive Web Design for Dummies in 11 Steps

Responsive webdesign for dummies

2. Responsive WebDesign – What is it? and Why you need it.

This is a basic primer on what responsive web design is and some relevant statistics related to mobile browsing.

Responsive web design


3. Do You Really Need Responsive Web Design?

The assumption that your web design is responsive can only be made true when the users using different operating systems and podiums to access the website, are able to do it successfully. The web design which is responsive is becoming more famous as it removes the need of constantly updating, or adding additional features to the mobile website. Some website owners and designers even think that using responsive web design removes the need of a mobile website. Is it really true?

Responsive Webdesign 2


4. Responsive WebDesign

This succinct infographic presents a few reasons why you need a responsive web design.

Responsive WebDesign 3


5. What is Responsive Web Design ?

This simple illustrated responsive web design guide includes a section that displays how a single layout can flexibly change when viewed in different devices.

What is responsive web design ?


6. Responsive WebDesign, What is it ?

Responsive website design seems to be a buzzword in the internet marketing world these days. But what is it, really – and why should you pay attention? In the web marketing and development space, new things are popping up every single day – and many fizzle just as quickly as they appear. Responsive design has been around for some time now, and it’s gained traction as a preferred website design practice for many web developers. The infographic below helps to explain the basics of responsive website design: what it is, how it works and the major benefits.

Responsive webdesign, what is it ?


7. Responsive Web Design Interactive Infographic

This interactive infographic presents useful resources, links, a definition of popular terms related to responsive web design, and more. [Via : Templatemonster.com]

Responsive webdesign 222


8. The Year of Responsive Web Design 2013

With a multitude of mobile devices coming out almost every week, how can marketers ensure that their content is optimized for different device types, screen sizes, and capabilities?


9. Responsive Design for a Better Mobile Experience


10. Responsive Design Process

Our responsive design process is fluid and changing, just like the technology we build with. I thought it would be nice to visualize this with a flowchart to illustrate our process, the team, our tools and workflow.

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