JessicaWhite – Responsive Html5 Theme

JessicaWhite professional fashion photography templates

  • Author : Webresourcesdepot
  • Layout : Html5 and Css3
  • Categories : Wedding, Responsive, Fashion, Bootstrap
  • Colors : white
  • Pages : Home Page, About Page, Portfolio Page, Blog Page, Contact Page
  • Rating : 4 star
  • Compatible Browsers : Microsoft Edge, IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
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33 thoughts on “JessicaWhite – Responsive Html5 Theme”

      1. Hi Daniel

        The easiest way to work, is in the contact_process.php, line around 50 where You have

        $mail = mail(CONTACT_FORM, $subject, $message,

        replace with

        $mail = mail(“your@emailaddress.tld”, $subject, $message,

        The issue is somewhere in the includefile mail.php and the var CONTACT_FORM. Or You just do an variable named $mailto = “your@emailaddress.tld”; somewhere above, and then the line with

        $mail = mail($mailto, $subject, $message,

        And the first line You can comment out:

        // include dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).’mail.php’;

        This works fine.

  1. I have the same problem. How the contact form will work?

    Do I need to put any action in it? Need help please.

    Kindly Simon

  2. If You wish, send me Your code, also where You have the form, and I will have a look later today. Send it to svetterli68[at] .

    Cheers Simon

  3. Hey, i wanted to install your theme, but unfortunately it doesnt word, because the style.css file is missing?!
    Help please.

  4. Hi!, fantastic design, congrats!

    I use it and adapted but I want to put some links to other sites on the slider and dosen’t work.
    Here is the code:

  5. I did like this:

    In each page:

    $(“#ajax-contact-form2”).submit(function() {
    var str = $(this).serialize();
    type: “POST”,
    url: “getintouch_process.php”,
    data: str,
    success: function(msg) {
    // Message Sent – Show the ‘Thank You’ message and hide the form
    if(msg == ‘OK’) {
    result = ‘Your message has been sent. Thank you!’;
    } else {
    result = msg;
    return false;

    Then for the form:


    And the getintouch_process.php file.

    This worked for me.

    1. Hi

      I can help You with this, did You figured out how it works to email only for one? Send me an email at svetterli68[at]gmail[dot]com


  6. La galería de fotos sigue funcionando mal aun poniendo esto en el .img en bootstrap.css :
    visibility: inherit !important;
    opacity: 1 !important;

    Por favor teneis una solución muchas gracias.

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