Brushed Responsive Html5 Theme

brushed responsive html5 templates

Author :Alessioatzeni
Doctype Used :Html5 and Css3
Categories :Blog and Personal
Layout :1 Column
Main Color :
Rating :
Pages :All in One Page
Demo:[Demo] – [Demo Responsive]


  1. Hi, I have noticed one problem with that theme.. When I open it in Chrome the slider is not available. And it’s strange – from the link above (demo) it works on Chrome also. When I upload it to my website it doesn’t work on Chrome. Other browsers are fine.

  2. chekout your chrome version.. and change link in index, the template use one javascript file and one css file with extra link so dowmload them and change links to local.. i wish that help.

  3. Where do u change the content slider I cant find it

    • HI there,

      You can change the images in _include/img/slider-images/

      if u keep image01/image02/image03 or more, if you go into [main.js]
      find the “Slider Options” section
      slides : [ // Slideshow Images
      {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image01.jpg’, title : ‘name’, thumb : ”, url : ”},
      {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image02.jpg’, title : ‘name’, thumb : ”, url : ”},
      {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image03.jpg’, title : ‘name’, thumb : ”, url : ”},

      Above only as sample..

      Hope this help.

  4. Beautiful Template but my slider is also not able to loading. All other attached images in the bruched>_include>img folder loaded fine. Even without customizing the template I’m unable to see the add your images here dummy images.

  5. HI there, Wondering if it’s possible to add a [Download] button into the POP-up image under the information(“alt”) part?

    seeking for help here.
    Hope can get someone to help me on this. TQTQTQ

  6. how to remove center “brushed” text ?

    • FlyingAnt says:

      im main.js go to slider settings, each of the images has a caption that you can change

      {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image02.jpg’, title : ‘Brushed’, thumb : ”, url : ”},

  7. hey. its an awesome template… very neat and trendy….
    could you please guide how can I change the centred BRUSHED text on splash slider
    or how can I remove it

  8. Hi, How can I change the “brushed” logo in the mobile site? I can’t change it to my logo though in the computer website, the logo changed already. Thanks!

  9. Claudio Simmons says:

    Hello, nice template. I wonder if the contact form is worked, I try but it’s fail. Have he some link to some js script to work?

    • Hello man,
      i got the same problem… did you manage to fix the problem with the contact form?

      thanks a lot

      • I had the same issue for a while.

        In the HTML, Contact Form section:
        ——- form id=”contact-form” class=”contact-form” action=”#”
        change “#” to “contact.php”
        ——- form id=”contact-form” class=”contact-form” action=”contact.php”

        And confirm that you editted the Contact.php form to have your information.

        Hope this helps.

  10. Hi, how I can change the hover effect of the images, thanks

  11. Rúben Marques says:

    Hello there,
    this template it’s amazing. I’m using it for my personal portfolio site. But i’m having a little problem, on the about us part of the template, i’m trying to use only one column. Because it’s only me. And i still haven’t be able to put one centered column, it only stays on the left, because of the float:left atributte. Is there anyone that can help me? Please?
    Sorry for my english, i’m portuguese.

  12. Jsjodoin88 says:

    Hello! How we can put the menu a little up? I want to see it on my home page, people are little lost because the dont see it

  13. Hello there. Template is great, really like the flow and look. We are having an issue with the description text boxes when viewed on a mobile device in the landscape view. The descriptions are being compressed into a tall thin box when the space is there for it to fit to the format of the landscape width…. Any suggestions on the fix would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  14. Hi, first of all great template,I would like to know if theres any way that instead of showing all works -when you scroll or click on works or projects- it shows design of photography, in other words how to NOT DISPLAY ALL IMAGES on the gallery, or where to edit what images it will display when you click on design or photography…


    • Hi Jona,
      regarding the ‘Brushed’ template: Did anyone provide a solution to the problem – editing the images that initially are displayed in the work section – so far to you. If so, could you please let me know.
      Kind regards

    • Hello Jona,

      Did you find a solution for this? If you did I am interested in knowing what you did for this.


    • did you got solution to not display all images at work page? in brushed template

  15. Hi,
    I’ve tested the template on IE10 and the slider doesn’t appear, Please Help me : )

  16. Hi,
    i am working on Brushed theme i want add more pages and set background images individually like this ( i want make this if anyone can help me?

  17. I replaced slider image01 in images folder but there seems to be a color overlay built into css? Would like to have image clean in slider. Any help on this? Thx

  18. Also, slider images do NOT fill 100% with expanding and contracting browser. Where can I adjust this in the code?

  19. gino in html code in slider section there is a dive overlay effect you will delete this dive than your image free from overlay hope it will be work.

  20. I added a link as below

    {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image01.jpg’, title : ‘name’, thumb : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image01Thumb.jpg’, url : ‘’}

    and the link does not work as a well as the thumb not working on the mobile too. Please advise.

  21. The template is amazing! I just have one problem, and it is driving me crazy! I want to do 2 image galleries. Each has a filter with different categories. How do I duplicate the filter but each work autonomously? Thank you very much in advance!

  22. First of all I like to thanks @ Alessioatzeni for giving Very Beautiful template, simple and easy to modify. Will be using for my personal website.
    In future if I like to use this Template for my clients what will be the commercial cost to use this template?

  23. i love this template, very sleek and beautiful thankyou Allessio, ur a genius. So much so that im having problems getting the fancy box video player to play my media . Ive managed to get one video to play by replacing the url from the template with my own url. but how do i get the others to do the same. i want the site to mostly play video stuff beacuse i am a video media maker. please advise

    • Hi,

      “m having problems getting the fancy box video player to play my media”
      Don’t know if you’ve solved the problem? I’m getting through the same as you did, wonder if you can give me a hint would be wonderful.


  24. Hi there.. Just wondering.. how can i adjust the preloader? it is taking a long time. I moved all non-immediate scripts to the bottom of the page..but still slow..

  25. Hi, amazing tempalte… However, I’m having the same problem as Mikel din in that I can’t get the video player to play my media. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? All help appreciated.

  26. Hi It seems like there’s a problem in my website when I used google chrome. The background color is gone and pictures of the slider became the background of some of my pages.

    Can you help me how to fix this?

  27. Hi Alessioatzeni,

    Its amazing template. I am using it and working fine. But I want to make change in our work section. I want to show more data on pop-up. Can you help me how can I do that please…

  28. Hello,

    I was wondering, i use this template for a website and it works perfect, but i want 1 link in the menu to go to a different page but other page doesn’t work in the menu.

    Can you tell me how to make this happen?

  29. Hi Alessioatzeni,
    Its a very nice template. But the contact form didn’t work. Could you help?

    • It’s been a while, so you probably solved it; but for the form, you need to link it first in the html

      change # to contact.php

      And of course, make sure the contact.php form has been updated with your information.

      Hope that helps.

  30. hi plz tell how to live this templet

  31. hello, as I can that the title “brushed” fits the screen of a mobile device?

  32. how to change background color?

  33. Great template, tnx a bunch. One issue – loading the site first time puts all images in “work” section on top of each other – the solution is to hit “refresh”. Any idea how to fix it? Happens in FF and Chrome, haven’t tried with other browsers. Opening “index.html” locally ie from editor doesn’t cause any issues. Any help is appreciated.

    • Hi Rubo,

      Go to main.js Line –> 112

      You find this code:

      // options
      animationEngine: ‘best-available’,
      itemSelector : ‘.item-thumbs’,
      layoutMode : ‘fitRows’

      Replace with this:

      $container.imagesLoaded(function() {
      // options
      animationEngine: ‘best-available’,
      itemSelector : ‘.item-thumbs’,
      layoutMode : ‘fitRows’

      Hope this helps

  34. Hi,
    first of all: THANKS!
    this template is awesome and even the documentation is awesome!

    how can i get the slideshow to NOT dim the slider pictures?

  35. Hi Ale, very pro work, everything went through correctly for me, except the contact form is sending any email, in fact when you click ” send your email” nothing happen even if all fields are empty. I am wondering if you can guide me through

  36. Hi Alessio,

    There seems to be a problem with your “Back To Top” code. The icon up arrow appears in my developer software preview for ALL pages, but when I upload it to my server it only appears on the “Shortcodes” page. Same thing happens when I view your site directly.

    Please advise and thanks.

    PS Great template otherwise !!!

  37. Hi there.
    Love the template, thanks for making available 🙂

    I have a query I hope someone can help with, in main.js i’m trying to replace the main title with a png logo. Can anyone help with a solution?

    thumbnail_navigation : 0, // Thumbnail navigation
    slides : [ // Slideshow Images
    {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image01.jpg’, title : ‘Title to be replaced’, thumb : ”, url : ”},
    {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image02.jpg’, title : ‘Title to be replaced’, thumb : ”, url : ”},
    {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image03.jpg’, title : ‘Title to be replaced’, thumb : ”, url : ”},
    {image : ‘_include/img/slider-images/image04.jpg’, title : ‘Title to be replaced’, thumb : ”, url : ”}

  38. Leonardo says:

    Hey, have you tried to use this template on a mobile using chrome? as you navigate down or up, it rearranges the content since the address bar from the browser disapears… something related to the ‘sticky’ id on the navigation class.. any idea on how to solve this problem?

  39. Anyone find the fix to get the Social icons at bottom of page to show on mobile ? Thanks

  40. page shows all the images in Our Work on page load. how to show only few and other images after clicking the link on the left side please help.

  41. Hi,

    Its a beautiful theme. How can I put a text link in the bottom of the opened image in the gallery section.

  42. Hi Tangiverso,

    Great template and compliments for the effort you put in answering everyone.

    when you click on “all projects” you see all images.
    for instance, the first image is a ‘photography’ image and the second is a ‘design’ image.
    When you ‘open’ the first picture and then choose next, you go to the 2nd picture in the gallery ‘photography’ instead of the 2nd one in ‘all projects’.
    I just want to go through ‘all projects’ in order as thumbs are. Is that possible?

    Thanks again!

  43. Great template! Two questions though:

    1 is there a way to put a small grahics jpg icons to work as the links in the description in the bottom of the opened image in the gallery section?
    Under each galery image to inforom about e.g : “Listen” “Download” or “Buy”
    Would appreciate your reply

    2. how do I center the “About us” person’s image with the description under when there is only person to be described – it automatically centers left .

    Appreciate your reply

  44. Hi Tangiverso,

    Thanks again for all the effort.
    I have asked this question before but did not get a clear answer. If you go to this page: and in the ‘our work’ section click on ‘design’ you will notice that the 3rd image is not the one that is 3rd in the overview. Something not working with the order of pics. When you choose a section the images start to follow up the ‘all projects’ order and not the specific section order. Do you have any idea how to solve this please? Have a great day.

  45. Hi ! Very good template ! Love it !
    But after 3 days working on it, i still cannot find a solution :

    When i open it with Safari, no problem ; but on IE or Firefox, the sliders images don’t appear. The arrows in the bottom left of the slider don’t appear too…

    Someone has an idea ?
    Thanks !!!

  46. Luis Fernando says:

    Hi, I want to put a background image only in the contact section. Can you help me?

    • Luis, você fala portugues?

      Busque as configurações de pág no arquivo Main.css linha 686:

      /* ==================================================
      Section Page
      ================================================== */

      Ali talvez seja possível configurar de background com uma imagem, mas não vi essa utilização em nenhuma outra parte do template.

      Search the page settings in the main.css file (line 686):
      There may be possible to set up the background with an image, but have not seen this used in any other part of the template.

      [ ]s

  47. hey,

    i`ve got the template since 1 week and i love it!!

    i`ve changed mostly i want but still got one prob.

    see my page and on the bottom you will find my impressum and AGB.

    on this pages i can not link the buttons at the nav bar?

    how can i put a link to the home, contact … buttons back to the inxex.html?

    if i delete the reference to the css points, i have normal text and can link it..

    kind regards from vienna


  48. Hi!
    Just one question: in “Our Work” section (that I called “Travel” in my site) when you filter the photos with the left menu (“Type of Work”) it shows just the images related to the clicked category but when you go to zoom them and click “next” in the pop-up, the order doesn’t follow anymore the order of the chosen category, but the initial one ( “All Project”) displaying images not required. The problem exists on chrome, firefox and explorer and it seems to be present even in the original template. I think this could be a big problem for everyone so please help me… having so many photos it is important for me that people can show just the images in the right order of the chosen category and not all.
    Many thanx for your help!

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