Response Responsive Html5 Theme

Author :Derby-Web-Design-Agency
Doctype Used :Html5 and Css3
Categories :Business, Magazine, Design
Layout :3 Columns
Main Color :
Rating :
Pages :HomePage, Portfolio Page, Blog Page, Contact Page, About Page, …
Demo :[Demo], [Demo Responsive]
Download :[Download]


  1. slider doesn’t work

  2. Slider doesn’t work, contact form doesn’t work either, does anyone have the solution??

  3. plus the drop down menu’s don’t work on the hone page or index.html

  4. Hi !!! Slider’s working normally. You should download theme and try again. Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hello, a nice template, one question ?

    When I try to send a email for the contactform page don´t work

    I just change the email acount on

    $youremail = “email@acoun.comt”; // Enter your email here!!

    Any answer please ?

    Thanks a lot

  7. Thanks !!! It’s very beautiful

  8. I was wondering, if anyone knows how i can edit the slider?

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